AVO Originals

Travel the world with our AVO Originals

Our "AVO Originals" combine authentic taste with high quality ingredients and premium appearance. Whether they're ready or the pan with meat or plant based alternatives, from the fresh food counter or 'to go' from the heated food counter, the authentic and delicious taste is always a winner!

Try our new Asia style complete sauces in the promotion package including

  • 4 kg bucket AVO Originals Roasted Sesame, Art. No. 2987900
  • 4 kg bucket AVO Originals Red Thai Curry, Art. No. 3035600
  • 4 kg bucket AVO Originals Sweet Chili, Art. No. 3035500


  • 50 'Asia to go' snack packages, 710 ml, Art.-Nr. 3105200
  • a Giesser cleaver (19 cm blade)!

Art. No. 875082
Special offer
129,- €*

* plus VAT / image may differ / only while stocks last    
Promotional period from 14.09.2020 - 26.02.2021

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