Liq Beetroot Emulsion

Natural Red with Liq Beetroot Emulsion

Beetroot has great potential as a colour-giving foodstuff for the manufacturing of meat products and also plant-based alternatives. Its natural red colour not only lives up to consumers’ expectations and production requirements, but also offers many advantages for a diverse range of possible applications.

Up until now the use of beetroot products as a red colouring agent has been limited because its colour stability is affected by pH values over 6 and exposure to heat. Boiled sausages are, for example, a typical product group with such unfavourable conditions.

AVO, however, has now launched an innovative product which solves all the problems associated with the use of beetroot as a colouring agent. It works by embedding the beetroot in a water-in-oil emulsion which protects and stabilises the beetroot without affecting its properties as a colouring agent. Microbiological safety is ensured by pasteurising the water phase, while citric acid is used as a technological additive to regulate the pH value. In addition to this, the pH value is further stabilised by encapsulating the beetroot in a non-permeable casing (inner emulsion) to preserve its pH-dependent colour. RBE MC starter cultures are used to reduce nitrates, resulting in a more stable colour during the cooking process.

This video shows you how to process Liq Beetroot Emulsion. Just take a look and discover the benefits for yourself.


  • Small amount – 4 to 6 g per kg – required for boiled sausages and cooked cured products
  • Small amount – 1 to 2 g per kg – required for raw sausage products with and without nitrite curing salt, which can be replaced with table salt
  • Can be injected
  • Ideal for products which should have only a few E numbers, since the nitrite curing salt is replaced with table salt
  • Simple cutting process possible, also without a vacuum
  • Ideal as a base for meat salads
  • Standard additives and seasonings can also be used
  • Cutter end temperatures of 10 to 12° Celsius have no negative impact
  • Also suitable for grinders (excellent distribution of beetroot through the product)
  • Suitable for vegan products
  • Keeps for at least 12 months when cooled at 7° Celsius
  • Addition of the relevant RBE MC starter cultures ensures ideal colour stability of the beetroot when making boiled and raw sausage products
  • Products can be cooked to a core temperature of up to 75° Celsius without any colour loss


Art. No. 3307100 Liq Beetroot Emulsion, 5 kg bucket
Art. No. 3307101 Liq Beetroot Emulsion, 500 g bag (10 bags per carton)
Art. No. 3393600 RBE MC Starter Cultures, carton with 25 bags