“The lavish product extension thanks to new batching techniques and state-of-the-art mixing systems creates optimal production processes.”

Goran Milosevic, Works Management

“The high aspirations to our quality keep motivating us to reach the best possible results.”

Bastian Kemmlage, Quality Assurance Liquid Products

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Of course, processing exclusive spice mixes is no problem for AVO. Our on-location field representatives, experts from contracted technology institutes and from our lab and our experimental kitchen are prepared to assist you in working out your individual needs and requirements.

Only careful processing methods prevent the spices from flavour loss. The FRIOFRESH Process guarantees an optimal grinding of our raw spices. This process takes place under cooling to reduce the volatilisation of essential oils and valuable substances to a minimum.

The patented COATING Process, the encapsulation of fruit acids, enables us to produce cutter processing aid combinations with "AVO´s freshness pearls". These fresh-keeping pearls help to maintain the long-term freshness of fried sausages and cooked sausages.

Our liquid spices and flavourings are produced in modern facilities within a closed production process. Thus, we achieve a extremely high standard of hygiene.