We support the LITTLE SMILE children's village in Sri Lanka

The LITTLE SMILE project in the mountains of Sri Lanka was started by television journalist Michael Kreitmeir in 1999 to serve neglected and traumatized children and war orphans. It gives the children a loving home and lets them help themselves by engaging in a profession. Through donations, several projects are being implemented: For example, a pepper and rose plantation, a sewing school, carpentry training and an ayurvedic training company.

The children's village was not directly affected by the tsunami in December 2004. But the two branches of LITTLE SMILE on the east coast were completely destroyed. The team began to take in children from the disaster area and participated actively in the reconstruction of the coastal region. LITTLE SMILE requires long-term financial support in order for the children in Sri Lanka to permanently help themselves. Therefore, LITTLE SMILE urgently needs donations.

Founded some time ago, the "Little Smile Association" has now begun to grow spices, at first providing the people with plants for cultivation and then support for selling their products at a reasonable price. In recent years, an impressive spice plantation has developed, growing not only black and white pepper, but also cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, nutmeg, cloves and vanilla beans, largely in Fair Trade quality. In 2009, this spice project was certified by IFAT (The International Fair Trade Association).

AVO supports this LITTLE SMILE project not only by initial spice donations, but also in setting up new plantations and the further processing, and especially by purchasing the harvested products at a fair price. LITTLE SMILE needs such long-term support to maintain a basis for the children to help themselves.

100% of all donations go directly to local operations without any deduction of administrative costs. The team has been in this location more than a decade and guarantees clear use of all funds. The objective is to provide effective long-term help for children in need of protection, home and education. More information about the LITTLE SMILE project is available at