High Protein

Very much in demand: High Protein

Protein is important for muscle development and maintenance; it protects your heart; regulates blood sugar levels and boosts your immune system. It accelerates your metabolism and stimulates fat burning. High protein food is the latest trend and SoFit, the AVO brand for health-conscious nutrition, allows you to respond to all your customers’ demands! Offer your customers a wide range of high-protein products:

How about crispy Wieners, for example? Your customers will love them. Not only are they a treat on their own and as Hot Dog Sausages, but they also get 20 % protein. With SoFit from AVO, a Nutri-Score B is possible.

You can also make Bierschinken Sausage as a high-protein product with AVO SoFit. It contains 20 % protein, but only 2.5 % fat and 1.6 % salt. A Nutri-Score B is also possible here.

You also have the option of making delicious Fleischwurst/Lyoner Sausages with 18 % protein, Bratwurst frying Sausage with Yoghurt and 15 % protein, and Pfefferbeißer with no less than 40 % protein.

With high-protein products, you are right on trend and at the same time supply your customers with important proteins. Use our SoFit articles for this purpose:

Art. No. 345704 SOFIT for High Protein Wieners, 1 kg bag
Art. No. 346402 SOFIT SOFIT for High Protein Cooked Meats 1 kg bag, 1 kg bag