Our business

AVO is the best resource when it comes to processing of meat and meat products, fish, deli, convenience foods, baked goods and dairy products. For manufacturers of pasta, potato and vegetable products, soups and sauces, we can also offer a wide range of premium spices and additives.

Meat & sausages

As experts for meat and sausage specialities, we know how important the right seasoning is!


Light chicken or poultry products, low in fat, are right in with the trend of the day. And AVO's recipe ideas are there to bring new momentum to your "light food" line: with trendy chicken sausage products as much as with chicken and other poultry specialties, prepared kitchen-ready for grilling, roasting or pan frying. 

Creative Kitchen & Party Service

Fastidious cuisine made fast and easy! Putting the creative kitchen series with its modular system to work for you, the benefits you reap extend to the catering, snack bar, and to the party service business as well thanks to an almost endless variety of different offerings now possible.

Fish specialities

Bringing the finest in taste to fish and seafood specialties. Or, termed differently: how to get more variety into your fish convenience food offering.


Piquant and flavorful bakery goods and snacks are high in consumer demand year-round. And we at AVO are there to supply you with the flavor-intensive components needed and we're also happy to consult with you in your effort to develop recipes for a product assortment offering great variety and lots of taste. And equally as important: a program fine-tuned to the individual needs of your business, whether in the traditional craft-rooted or in the industrial field.


Flavorful dairy products have acquired a firm place in cold counters a long time ago already. Apart from classical high-volume products with herbs and/or garlic, lines of taste reminiscent of the Mediterranean cuisine, or products with ramsons (ramps or wild leek), to give just one more example, are also right in with the trend of our times.