Sustainability at AVO

As a well respected international company in the spice industry, sustainability underpins the values of our company. Our responsibility begins with the purchase of the spices and other raw materials we use. 
But even after this initial step, we are totally committed to the wellbeing of humanity and nature. Using materials sparingly, the responsible relations with our employees and a trusting and fair relationship with our partners, as well as the protection and preservation of the environment, are the basis of our activities.

Responsible Purchasing

Spice procurement is an international business. That's why working conditions, the protection of nature and the environment as well as our partner’s economic and social commitment are very important to us! 

Some commodities require a particularly mindful and sensitive approach. We pay particular attention to these kinds of natural products. For example, we have joined the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). The organisation, founded on the initiative of the WWF, strives to promote sustainable cultivation methods and protect the environment.

Resource Saving Productio

For decades, AVO has been investing in the optimisation of plant technology and production processes. This allows us to manufacture our products to the required quality in the shortest possible time e.g. four tons of spices are stirred into a high-quality spice blend in less than 5 minutes. Improved processes have a direct and positive effect on the efficient use of internal resources. 

Energy Efficient and Environmentally Friendly Initiatives

To help preserve the environment, energy has to be saved. That's why we're constantly working to increase our energy efficiency. How can water consumption be optimised? How can electricity be saved and waste avoided? How can the use of building and machine technology through to the company vehicles we drive, be improved? Several years ago, we launched a project group initiative to provide answers to these questions . Our ongoing efforts have resulted in an AVO Energy Management, certified in accordance with  DIN ISO 50001. To protect the environment, we built a photovoltaic system as early as 2010. It generates 180,000 kwh of environmentally friendly solar power over an area of 1600 m² per year.  

Respecting and Appreciating Employees and Partners

At AVO, cooperation with customers, suppliers and employees is characterised by mutual appreciation and respect. Our flat structure facilitate communication with each other. 

The well-being of our employees is of paramount importance to us. In addition to health and safety benefits, as well as the numerous social and monetary rewards, each and every one of us has an opportunity to develop both professionally and personally.

Social and Community Commitment

In keeping with our values as an owner managed family business, we feel a special connection to our region. We embrace the responsibility for our fellow human beings through societal and social commitment. Cooperation with schools, support of cultural and non-profit initiatives and the promotion of people in the region, especially in the municipality of Belm, are always in our focus. There are some nationwide organisations that we like to support too. The German bone marrow donor database DKMS non-profit GmbH has been part of this for years.

Even More Sustainability

As a large industrial company, we are very mindful of our responsibility towards people and the environment. That's why we always strive to do better. Our efforts have already been rewarded with the seal of approval of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Energieeffizienz-Netzwerke Deutschland (AGEEN). Furthermore, we are working towards certification in accordance with the ZNU’s (Center for Sustainable Business Management) a sustainability standard which will make an active and measurable contribution to sustained change in both business and society. 

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