Most Modern Production Capabilities in the European Ingredients Industry

AVO is constantly striving to be the best in the industry. Whether that’s to optimise ; equipment, machinery, processes, service and technologies to produce the best products for all our customers. We have invested more than 50 million euros in recent years. The result? We are proud to have the most modern production capabilities in the European ingredients industry. We are investing another 30 million euros in the coming years, solely with a view to expand logistics capacities and processes.
AVO Spice Mill as the Foundation for the Best Products
Our knowledge and experience in the processing of delicate spices and herbs distinguishes us as the European market leader. In order to keep the raw material quality at the consistently highest level, AVO has always had its own spice mill, within which several thousand tons of different spices are ground every year. 

The FRIOFRESH process guarantees the optimum grinding of our raw spices. Through cooling, it ensures that the evaporation of essential oils and value determining ingredients is kept to an absolute minimum. Subsequently, we continually create first-class products that our customers have grown to respect. This helps set us apart from other ingredient companies. 

Gentle Production Process for the Perfect Aroma

The further processing to our high quality spice mixtures takes place by means of intelligently controlled production planning. It enables flexible and efficient production of large quantities or small batches. Dosing and weighing, mixing process and filling are largely automated and supported by a driverless container transport system. 

The biggest mixer in the spice industry is located at AVO. With a volume of 10,000 litres, up to 7 tons of spice mixture can be produced in just a few minutes all with the utmost protection and the highest level of technological care available. The spices and spice blends are packed in an aroma protective bag ranging from 1 kilogram to sacks with 25 kilograms as standard packaging. Individual and bespoke spice mixture pack sizes start at 50 kilograms. 

Production of Liquid Ingredients  

At the company headquarters in Belm, every year, we produce several thousand tons of high-quality liquid ingredients such as; marinades, seasonings, sauces, dressings, dips and pastes. Production occurs in self contained purpose built production facilities. 

In addition to our standard packaging sizes, such as the 250g tubular bag, the 4kg bucket or the 900kg stainless steel tank, AVO also satisfies many customer-specific requirements. Examples are round or square cups with 35 to 100ml capacity or seal-rim bags of only a few grams, which are perfect for use in accessories. 

We also offer buckets, canisters and other bulk containers. Starting with a production volume of just 100kg, we can produce your individual liquid ingredients exclusively for you!