Success through knowledge and experience

Our product’s special quality knows only one criteria: the high demands and expectations that you as an AVO customer and we as a spice specialists place on ourselves. Because ultimately, we have one aim: we want to inspire you and your customers - with the highest quality, satisfying taste and the AVO-guarantee.   

We have unique knowledge on the character and peculiarities of spices as a direct result of more than 150 year of business history, operating under the company name of AVO-Werke since 1921. The triad of experience, know-how and expertise qualifies us as a true spice specialist. We are well represented through our historically created and steadily growing AVO spice network in every part of the world and in every region cultivating these fine natural products.  

Comprehensive quality management for high-quality products 

As our products are used as food or incorporated into the production of other foods, we have a special responsibility. Our AVO quality management ensures compliance with the special requirements for quality and production safety, as well as an effective HACCP concept. 
The requirements relate both to the worldwide purchase of raw materials and to the processing of spices, spice mixtures, marinades and seasonings or food ingredients. In addition, quality management ensures compliance with our own very high level of process quality and the services offered to our customers. The foundation of our integrated quality management are all relevant and valid certification systems.