Sustainable management

Top priority for us

Sustainable management has always been the top priority for us at AVO. It is not without reason that the number of employees has more than doubled in the last 30 years. One aspect of healthy growth is the willingness to invest in employees, plant, machinery and process optimisation. Accordingly, AVO has invested more than 100 million euros over the last two decades. In 2001 we expanded the production department and warehouse, in 2005 we added to the office building, 2007 saw the expansion of the development division, 2010 completion of the fully automated high-bay warehouse and commissioning of the 1600 square metre photovoltaic system; in 2011 there was an extension of the dry area with the addition of new weighing technology and sophisticated mixing and dosing systems, and finally 2020 marked another plant expansion, with the construction of the new logistics centre for finished goods, incorporating a fully automated high-bay warehouse and the commissioning of the new staff canteen.

1: Packaging of customer-specific spice mixtures - 2: Metal detector - 3: Fully automated high-bay warehouse - 4: Fully automated and ultra-sterile filling system - 5: Silos for storage - 6: Examinations in the laboratory - 7: 10,000-litre mixer

Sustainability management

In 2019, the management under Guido Massmann and Bernhard Loch decided to introduce the ZNU ‘Sustainable management’ standard at the company’s Belm site. This standard helps companies to become more sustainable step by step and mandates continuous improvement. It is the only field-tested and implemented standard for sustainable management that integrates all three relevant dimensions (the environment, economics and social issues), and calls for and promotes the development of an integrated management system in the interest of greater sustainability. Accordingly, a full-time position for a sustainability manager was created at the beginning of 2021 and a sustainability team, involving all required areas, was set up. In the course of this, we analysed our most important target groups for the first time and clustered key sustainability topics for the company in a matrix according to relevance.

Contact person for sustainability issues

Louis Rosenzweig
+49(0)5406 / 508-450