Code of Conduct

This is our contribution to a better future

Sustainable management is not just a mandatory topic for AVO-Werke, it has become part of our corporate philosophy and is pursued out of our own drive to continuous improvement. We don’t just want to go with the flow, we aim to be one of the pioneers in our industry in all aspects having to do with sustainability, whether environmental, economic or social. Thus we, Guido Massmann and Bernhard Loch, decided in 2019 to implement a comprehensive sustainability management system, based on the ZNU standard, which accompanies us on our path to this important goal and provides certain guidelines.
All persons involved in the company are responsible for this important step, and consequently we expect consistent adherence to and pursuit of our established values and principles. We have the fullest confidence that you will live up to expectations.

The AVO company – AVO-Werke August Beisse GmbH – is committed to ecologically and socially responsible corporate management. We strive to optimise our business activities and our products in the interest of sustainability. We also expect the same from our suppliers in order to ensure the overall sustainability of our supply chain. We also require our employees to be ecologically, socially and ethically responsible, this requirement being integrated into our corporate culture.

Failure to comply with internal and external guidelines, the relevant regulations and the Code of Conduct can have serious consequences not only for individuals and suppliers, but also for the AVO company. For these reasons, no misconduct or flouting of these regulations by any of the stakeholders involved in the AVO company will be tolerated.

Spice purchasing is an international business. Hence the working conditions, the protection of nature and the environment and the economic and social commitment of our partners are all matters of great concern to us.

Consequently, AVO-Werke and its employees are committed to complying with

  • the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations
  • the Core Labor Standard of the International Labor Organization (ILO)
  • the UN Global Compact

Fundamental social principles

No discrimination

Discrimination against employees in any form is deserving of censure, including on the basis of gender, race, colour, disability, political convictions, origin, religion, age, pregnancy or sexual orientation.

Child labour and forced labour

Child labour, forced labour, slave labour and any compulsory labour are strictly prohibited. The ILO core labour standard already mentioned must be observed. Workers shall receive special protection with regard to working conditions, health, safety and working hours up to the age of 18.

Fair working conditions

Working hours must be maintained that are at least in accordance with the legal requirements of the respective country.

In addition, overtime and any special services provided by employees must be remunerated appropriately. Illegal and unauthorised deductions from wages are prohibited.

The right of workers to freedom of association and to membership of a trade union must be respected.

AVO-Werke undertakes to maintain an appropriate and functioning occupational safety system in order to prevent any accidents and damage to the health of its own employees and all persons on the company premises. In addition, employees must be regularly informed and trained about applicable health and safety standards and safety measures.

Fundamental ecological principles

Environmental conservation and climate protection

Environmental protection requirements are an important component at AVO with the aim of counteracting climate change. This includes, among other things, the treatment and discharge of industrial waste water, the handling of air emissions, the disposal of waste and hazardous substances and avoidance of the contamination of the soil. We therefore take all measures to avoid or reduce any negative ecological impact of our actions as far as possible.

Conservation of resources

Raw material reserves on our planet are limited. Economical and efficient use of scarce resources represents a key to sustainable development. That is why resource efficiency is an important corporate goal for us and we expect the same of our business partners.

Fundamental business principles


A zero-tolerance policy must be applied to all forms of corruption, bribery and extortion in order to comply with the Anti-Corruption Act. For example, no gifts or payments may be accepted from business partners for the benefit of the business relationship.

Fair competition

Fair competition is understood to mean the observance of fairness in business activities and fair advertising, and we expect the same to be practised by our business partners. Compliance with the applicable antitrust laws and other regulations governing competition is expected likewise.

Product safety and quality

Our product safety and food quality is a major component of our company’s success. Accordingly, we are committed to complying with all legal requirements for product safety. A certified quality management system has been implemented, along with an HACCP concept, as well as quality assurance and hygiene measures and a crisis management and traceability system in accordance with EU Regulation 178/2002 and Regulation 1935/2004.   

Data protection

AVO-Werke is committed to complying with the General Data Protection Regulation. A data protection officer has been appointed internally and is given external training.  


If you have any questions regarding the AVO-Werke Code of Conduct, please do not hesitate to contact

Louis Rosenzweig
Sustainability Officer
+49 (0)5406 / 508-450