Spice specialist with expertise in both taste and technology

Great taste, superior quality and an acute awareness around trend insights and developments are the essential components of our success. With over 650 employees and numerous foreign representations, we are one of the leading spice processing specialists in Europe. Every day we embrace the wishes of our customers and the demands placed on ourselves, utilising our extensive knowledge and skill, the latest technology as well as a comprehensive advice service. 
Our customers include many well-known food companies from the craft trade, the processing industry, food service sector, wholesalers and bulk consumers. With trend-oriented products and associated services, we meet the high demands of a market that is expanding rapidly, especially in the convenience sector. 

The special AVO path: The customer is our priority 

From the outset, we chose to take our very own path - even if it is not always the easiest! 
As a customer you are valued and your satisfaction are of paramount importance to us. This primary philosophy that the customer comes first exists throughout every department and every one of our employees. 

Extensive choice for ALL our customers
AVO is your competent partner when it comes to the manufacture of meat and sausage products, fish, seafood, delicatessen, ready meals, baked goods and dairy products. For manufacturers of pasta, potato and vegetable products as well as soups and sauces, we also offer a variety of first-class seasonings, additives and functional ingredients.
With more than 8,000 products in our portfolio, AVO guarantees standardised and bespoke taste and processing solutions. Our full range includes;

  • Natural Spices
  • Spice Mixtures
  • Liquid Spices
  • Marinades, Seasoned Sauces and Dressings
  • Highly Effective Additives and Functional Ingredients
  • Elastic Nets and Specialist Casings

Many consumers are increasingly diet conscious. That's why AVO offers a wide variety of products that meet this need. 
These include; our Free products without flavour enhancers and allergens, one of the largest ranges of organic spices as well as products for the production of lower salt and reduced fat foods.

Technological competencies include; binding, emulsification, taste enhancement and preservation. In addition, we offer support in the professional production, display and presentation of products in the craft trade sector as well as in the hot counter, catering, food service and party service sectors. 

Individual solutions and bespoke concepts 

AVO sets standards for the spice industry - not only with its extensive range of products, but also with the development of individual solutions and concepts.  Would you like a unique recipe or a special concept? Then we are the reliable partner at your side, every step of the way. In just a few days, we can create a large number of customer-specific recipes in a wide range of batch sizes, regardless of the number of individual components. 

Investing in the future

Those who want to become better, have to continually invest. That is why we are constantly evolving and expanding our technologies, our equipment and improving our process efficiency. In recent years, we have invested more than 30 million euros and the result is the most modern, state of the art spice processing facility in Europe. By 2021, we will build a new logistics centre in Belm, Germany costing in excess of 35 million euros. 

Quality with the highest standards

From incoming raw material management to the finished product, we attach the greatest importance to quality and safety, sustainability and the development of ingredients for different consumer groups. Our certifications and memberships speak for themselves:

  • Organic standard (EC) No. 834/2007
  • Certification of products, for example halal and kosher food 
  • Membership of the Association of the German Spice Industry
  • Membership of  the Association of Food without Genetic Engineering (registered association) (VLOG) 
  • Membership of WWF's Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) 

Sustainability and its importance

Our core business involves the purchase, production and processing of natural products. That is why we have a very special focus on maintaining a sustainable business. From the standards we set for the sourcing of raw materials from all over the world to measures for sustainable production and social and societal commitment. The appreciation of people, nature and the environment is of special concern to us.

Our history

Company founder and AVO name-giver August Vodegel proved almost 150 years ago, that good taste and a rewarding business can go hand in hand. The spice blends and curing agents that he created soon achieved such a good reputation beyond the boundaries of their own butcher’s shop that their sale to colleagues and traders did not take long.
In 1921, the newly founded company August Vodegel, Osnabrück took over the production and distribution of the spices and processing aids. Very quickly, the memorable brand name AVO developed from this. After the death of August Vodegel and despite adverse circumstances, co-partner August Beisse steered the company on a course for success from which it has not deviated to this day.