“Our task is to combine good taste and a high quality with a keen eye for trends.”

Guido Maßmann & Bernhard Loch, Management



Experienced in taste

Good taste, high quality and a keen sense of trends are the essential components of our success. With nearly 500 employees and numerous foreign representatives, we are one of the leading spice specialists in Europe. This is our claim, that we always support with our knowledge and ability, current technology and extensive consulting-services. High quality and production safety are priorities for us. We are certified at the highest by IFS, BRC, Halal and we fulfil the requirements of Bio Norm (EG) Nr. 834/2007.

AVO is your best resource for processing and developing meat specialties, sausages, fish, seafood, deli, convenience foods, bakery items and dairy products. Also for the manufacturers of pastry, potato and vegetable specialities, soups and sauces, we offer a wide range of excellent flavourings and additives.

Our clienst include well-known national and international food companies, traditional butchers, food trade, supermarket chains, wholesalers and caterers. With our trend-oriented products and recognised customer services, we meet the high expectations of a rapidly expanding convenience-foods market.

Technology concerns such as binding, emulsifiers, optimal taste and freshness of our products are as important to us, as the support of professional production and presentation of products in the snack bar, delicatessen counter and catering service. In our different seminars, you get the information and skills you need for future growth of your food-related business.

With more than 4,000 products, we guarantee standardised and individualised taste- as well as unique solutions. We offer a complete range of

  • natural spices
  • spice condiments
  • liquid spices & flavourings
  • marinades & dressings
  • highly effective additives
  • nets & casings, etc.



Almost 150 years ago, visionary AVO founder and name sake August Vodegel demonstrated that good taste can be successfully combined with good business savvy. The spice mixtures and curing agents that he created would soon enjoy such a great reputation, extending far beyond his own butcher business, that selling those products to colleagues and industry suppliers was not long in coming.

In 1921, the production and distribution of seasonings and functional ingredients was assigned to the then newly founded company August Vodegel Osnabrück, a name which was rapidly converted to AVO as a more readily recognized and more easily remembered company brand. After the founder's death, senior partner August Beisse took over the helm, and despite adverse conditions of the times, held the company on a steady course to continued success -- a course which, has continued to this day.