Alternative proteins

The latest trend: Alternative proteins and hybrid products

Even if they don't want to go the whole hog and become vegans, today many consumers want to cut down on the amount of meat they eat. AVO's innovative compounds and supplementary products allow you to respond to your customers' demand for modern, healthy products made using alternative protein sources.

Art.-No. 2823001 Vegavo Nugget Compound, 1 kg bag

Art.-No. 2807700 Vegi Mince, 1 kg bag

Art.-No. 2840001 Vegavo Compound for Cevapcici Sausages, 1 kg bag

Art.-No. 2448500 Methyl Cellulose, 1 kg bag

Art.-No. 2880900 Vegavo Compound for Burgers, 1 kg bag

Art.-No. 2827300 Vegavo Pea Tex, 1 kg bag

Art.-No. 1116213 Bissfest (Firm consistency), 1 kg bag