AVO Originals

AVO Originals unite the tastes of the world

AVO develops spice blends, seasoning sauces and marinades for people all over the world. Of course, you have to meet the country-specific tastes of customers and consumers. With AVO Originals, we have succeeded in transferring the authentic flavours to almost all source materials.

Whether fish and seafood, meat or vegetables - with our AVO Originals, all dishes receive the incomparable taste from the kitchens of the world. In this way, we also meet consumers' desire to eat a varied diet and embark on a little culinary journey with every dish.

We start in Asia with three different complete marinades:

  • Art.-Nr. 2987900 AVO Originals Roasted Sesame, 4 kg bucket
  • Art.-Nr. 2987901 AVO Originals Roasted Sesame, 800 g bag
  • Art.-Nr. 3035600 AVO Originals Red Thai Curry, 4-kg-Eimer
  • Art.-Nr. 3035601 AVO Originals Red Thai Curry, 800 g bag
  • Art.-Nr. 3035500 AVO Originals Sweet Chili, 4-kg-Eimer
  • Art.-Nr. 3035501 AVO Originals Sweet Chili, 800 g bag

In our AVO Originals film, we reveal some fantastic recipes for delicious Asian-style dishes.

The next stop on our culinary world tour is the USA. With these seasonings, you can offer your customers the basics for an authentic US BBQ:

  • Art.-Nr. 3241400 AVO Originals Lafiness Bourbon Black Pepper, 4 kg bucket
  • Art.-Nr. 3241401 AVO Originals Lafiness Bourbon Black Pepper, 250 g bag

AVO Originals combine the tastes of the world in one range. Now you can offer your customers culinary variety and enjoyment without limits.