AVO-Liquid vegetable fat


AVO-Liquid vegetable fat for poultry sausages 


The production of poultry sausage products poses special challenges: only a
consistent quality of raw materials and standardized  processes  leads  to  the
quality  of  products  valued  by  consumers. 

Poultry skin is considered to be a sensitive commodity microbiologically.

Due  to  lower  temperatures  during  preparation,  and  the  lack  of  a  guarantee
that  the  skin  is  free  of  small  feathers, parts of feather shafts or quills, the skin
may be tainted with germs.



-Substitution of poultry skin / fat by vegetable cream up to 20 percent

-More hygienic and safer production along with improved product quality

-Procurement, storage and necessity of prompt processing of poultry skin / fat falls away

-Improved distribution within the meat through a pre-dispersed blend of spices; positive influence on haptics and sensory appeal of the final product

-Standardized production and reproducible product quality

-Delivery in stainless steel tanks, with the option of connection to an automatic dosing system

-Dust-free and avoidance of cross-contamination

-Risk reduction, prevention of production losses



-Clean flavor profiles without unpleasant overtones (no poultry skin taste)

-Strong taste, intense and round, due to the pre-dispersed spices in the vegetable cream

-Better structure of the sausage meat and the final product due to the special physical structure of the vegetable fat

-Appealing look and feel, overall a pleasant bite and mouthfeel



-Consumers know and appreciate rapeseed oil and combine it with positive nutritional properties; Claiming with „high-quality rapeseed oil“ is recommended

-Notice / claiming: Poultry sausage from „pure“ poultry meat is possible

-Claiming „VLOG“ (Association Foods without Genetic Engineering) is possible

-Claims such as „Halal“ are possible with appropriate certification of the Liquid seasoning


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AVO-Liquid vegetable fat for poultry sausages