Vegetable cream

For the safe production of sausages

AVO vegetable cream - Meets your customer’s taste

Sausage production with poultry, beef and veal often causes variations in taste. Consequently, the taste of poultry skin - and fat - or of beef sausages are judged to be unfavourable or fishy or oily by customers. In addition, consumers increasingly want to eat mindfully and therefore do not only want a reduction in salt and sugar in food, but also a "healthier" fat composition in sausages.

In the framework of intensive research, we have succeeded in developing a plant-based cream using valuable rapeseed oil. Due to its specific properties, it enables the exchange of animal fats in the production of fine sausages. Depending on the recipe, up to 20 percent of the animal fat can be replaced by our AVO vegetable cream.

Products and applications of AVO vegetable cream 

AVO plant-based cream is available in four variants:

  • Liq-Würz AVO vegetable-based cream for cold cuts
  • Liq-Würz AVO vegetable-based cream for boiled sausages
  • Liq-Würz AVO vegetable-based cream for liver sausage
  • Liq-Würz AVO vegetable-based cream for bratwurst
  • Liq-vegetable-based cream

AVO plant-based cream is used successfully in the following sausages made from poultry, beef and veal:

  • Boiled sausage cut meats
  • Boiled sausages
  • Bratwurst 
  • Liverwurst
  • Spreadable raw sausage

On request, AVO plant-based cream can be obtained in accordance with the requirements of the German Association of Food without Genetic Technology. (VLOG) as VLOG variant or halal.