Vegan Convenience

Meatless snacks

Vegan convenience is the latest trend. More and more people are rethinking their eating habits and looking for tasty meat alternatives.

Of course, indulgence should not be compromised in all of this. Snacks without meat therefore need a hearty taste and bite. With the matching AVO compounds for vegan treats, such as nuggets and cold cuts, you can convince nutrition-conscious consumers.

The variety of meat-free or meat-reduced diets

Nowadays, there are many different types of meat-free or meat-reduced diets, and it is not easy to keep track of them all.

In general, one speaks of a vegetarian diet when the consumption of meat is avoided. However, there are many different forms and levels.
A distinction is made between the following terms:

Ovo-lacto-vegetarians abstain from eating fish and meat as well as products derived from slaughtered animals, such as gelatine. Foods from live animals such as honey, milk and milk products or eggs are accepted.

Lacto-vegetarians abstain from meat, fish and eggs. However, they eat dairy products and honey.

Ovo-vegetarians abstain from milk and dairy products, meat and fish. However, they eat eggs and honey.

Vegans completely reject animal products or products produced by animals. No ingredients or processed materials of animal origin such as eggs, milk, milk components (e.g. lactose), honey, meat, fish, gelatine and their products (such as cheese) and no animal by-products (including silk or dyes from insects) are accepted.

Flexitarians consciously watch their diet, may severely limit meat consumption, are interested in meat alternatives and supplements.

Reasons for a lifestyle that excludes or at least greatly reduces animal products are diverse and range from ethical reasons (animal welfare), environmental protection with a focus on the ecological footprint (CO2 reduction) to personal, health reasons.  

Great choice:

Diverse meat alternatives using AVO products

The variety of alternatives to meat that can be produced with AVO products is large and continues to grow. We offer an alternative for almost every meat product - and if there is something you are missing, we will be happy to develop it together with you.

Art.-No. 2800200 Vegavo Vegan Funktion 13 kg-Sack
Art.-No. 3020100 Vegavo Weizentexturat 1 kg-Bag
Art.-No. 3078700 Vegavo Compound Typ Hähnchen 1 kg-Bag
Art.-No. 3078800 Vegavo Steak Typ Rind 1 kg-Bag
Art.-No. 2823001 Vegavo Nugget Compound 2,1 kg-Bag
Art.-No. 2840001 Vegavo Cevapcici Compound 1 kg-Bag
Art.-No. 2448500 Methylcellulose 1 kg-Bag
Art.-No. 2827300 Vegavo Pea Tex 6 kg-Sack
Art.-No. 1116213 Bissfest 1 kg-Bag
Art.-No. 2850400 Vegavo Compound veganer Hackdrehspieß Typ Döner 1 kg-Bag
Art.-No. 1480300 Liq Pflanzencreme 4 kg-Bucket
Art.-No. 1590600 BIO Liq Pflanzencreme 25 kg-Bucket
Art.-No. 3052400 Vegavo Compound für vegane Bratwurst klassisch 1 kg-Bag
Art.-No. 3396800 Vegavo Frische Bratwurst 1 kg-Bag
Art.-No. 2968200 Vegavo Gewürzcompound für veganen Aufschnitt 3,75 kg-Bag
Art.-No. 3044800 Vegavo Komplettmischung Leberwurst vegan 2,3 kg-Bag
Art.-No. 2049600 Chorizo Classico, spanische Spezialität 1 kg-Bag

That way it's a breeze:

VEGAVO ready-to-mix complete compounds

No matter whether it's meatballs, spaghetti sauce or burger patties - minced meat is irreplaceable in many dishes. With our VEGAVO ready-to-mix complete compound, you can create a perfect meatless alternative.

The vegan mince is prepared super fast: Add double the amount of ice water, mix, leave refrigerated to soak for 30 minutes and process further as desired!

Excellent basis:

Alternative proteins for meat-free treats

To produce tasty meat alternatives, you need the right base. At AVO, we only use vegetable proteins from pea, sunflower, wheat and field bean. We try to avoid soya as far as possible.

We only use soy proteins at the request of our customers.

Pea protein:

  • functional as a powder, good dispersion and stability properties
  • high lysine, arginine and iron content
  • regionally available and easy to obtain
  • no allergens
  • texturate neutral in taste

Sunflower protein:

  • functional as a powder, good dispersion and stability properties
  • Found in Europe and generally available
  • No allergens
  • light-coloured powder with neutral to nutty taste

Wheat protein:

  • glutinous properties determine texture
  • found in Europe and generally available
  • familiar taste, neutral
  • light-coloured powder or texturate

Field bean protein:

  • good texture
  • regionally available and easy to obtain (state subsidies for field bean cultivation)
  • no allergens
  • good alternative to pea protein