AVO Gemüsetop

Colourful, crunchy, tasty!

The new AVO Gemüsetop Mediterranean veggie pot brings Mediterranean cuisine to Germany this winter. The bright colours are guaranteed to make everyone’s mouths water.

• “fix & fertig” vegetable product
• Authentic Mediterranean taste
• Diverse range of uses for meat, fish, alternative proteins and pasta products
• For stir-fries and oven dishes
• Saves resources (economical production)
• For modern, healthy eating
• Impressive shelf life



AVO Gemüsetop Mediterranean veggie pot can be combined with whatever you want. Whether as pasta or gnocchi sauce, a Mediterranean stir-fry with prawns or as comfort food with meatballs and fried potatoes. There are no limits to what you can create.


Art. No. 3487250 Gemüsetop Mediterranean veggie pot in a 4 kg bucket