Sous Vide

Special menus

Everyone is talking about the sous vide cooking method. We show you how to impress your customers with our success guaranteed creations: Click here for our recipe ideas.

You can use sous vide to prepare individual dishes or entire menus. This makes the method a great choice for restaurants, food service and party caterers. Sous vide is also the method of choice for artisanal food producers as well as for the food industry and food retailers.
Centralised preparation followed by distribution of the cooked product to customers is a particularly attractive, convenient and efficient option. Sous vide dishes can be offered cooked or uncooked in vacuum bags at the serving counter or precooked at the self-service counter.

The following are an excellent choice for the sous vide cooking method

  • AVO Lafiness marinades
  • AVO MariTop complete sauces
  • AVO Originals sauces
  • AVO Gourmet & Miracle seasonings and rubs
  • AVO sauces, liquid & powdered
  • AVO sous vide seasoning pastes & seasoning sauces:

Art.-Nr. 2474150 Sous vide goulash seasoning paste 4 kg bucket
Art.-Nr. 2665300 Madeira Sauce K 4 kg bucket
Art.-Nr. 3116200 Sous vide seasoning sauce for Sauerbraten roasts 4 kg bucket